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Activities to help your child increase brain development in Cedar Park

Posted on 06-28-2014


There are many ways to stimulate a child’s brain development, including activities that parents can do at home. A child’s brain grows tremendously within the first five years of life, making it a critical time to stimulate the brain as much as possible. At Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy Of Cedar Park, our nationally accredited child care program includes an effective, research driven brain development program. To continue providing your child with an effective learning environment for brain development at home, we recommend the following:

Use positive discipline

Teaching a child about rules and consequences can help increase brain development. When a child misbehaves, they must learn that they will have to deal with the consequences. Parents need to discuss a child’s misbehavior and explain how to improve the behavior in the future. This also teaches the child to respect you. Do not shout at the child as this creates fear, but rather use positive discipline for better long term results.

Games and puzzles

Games and puzzles increase brain development and enhance social intelligence. Teaching a child how to play different games helps them focus, and learning the rules of the different games will help with memory development. Physical games increase the brain’s motor skills, so be sure to include various types of games to promote overall healthy development.

Learn a new language

Studies show that a child can learn multiple languages more quickly and easily prior to puberty. Learning a second language will double the brain’s process of sequencing and remembering, thus increasing brain development. Learning a second language will also enhance verbal skills and self-esteem.

Find out more information on our brain development program at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy in Cedar Park by contacting us or visiting our facility.

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